Function of Sigma Protocol





Sigma DAO

a bond based, decentralized monetary model.

ERC659(BEP659) is an universal standard for Bonds.

Any token on the market can issue their bond with Sigma protocol 

and ERC659(BSC659) standard. 
Bonds can only be traded on Sigma bonds exchange, using SASH as the settlement currency.

SASH(Sigma Cash) is a new generation sustainable algorithmic coin. 
Fair for all! No pre-sale, no pre-mine, no team share.
The price of SASH has the tendencies to return to 1 USD,
The price of SASH will never fall under 0.5 USD, and it has no upper limit.
SASH is dead spire resistant.
SASH bondholders will never suffer permanent loss.
SASH will be mint when the market demands more, and vice versa.

SGM is the community governance token of Sigma protocol
and other projects built with Sigma DAO.
Fair for all, No pre-sale, no pre-mine, no team share.
Staking SGM LP token for votes can generate SASH reward.
Providing liquidity for SGM has no permanent loss.
The price of SGM will never fall under their average minting cost.
Investors of SGM have no permanent loss.
The minting cost of SGM gradually increases as new SGM are mined.

There are no master private keys,
The team doesn’t have any permanent posts in this project.
Sigma protocol governance is completely decentralized.
A community treasury is created from stamp duties of the redemption and exchange of bonds.
Stamp duties will not decrease Bond investor’s revenue.
If no spending proposal is approved by the community, the stamp duties will not be reclaimed.
All team reward needs to pass the community vote.
The community treasury will be principally used as a promotion budget.
Users, who helped the development of the community,
will receive a part of the Stamp duties as their promotion reward.

Every one can propose their own projects of tokens and other nature on Sigma DAO.
Through a fundraising campaign,
Sigma DAO community will raise SASH to provide liquidity for the LPs.
All SASH raised will be injected to the token’s LP
The project’s ICOs, which were successfully launched with Sigma DAO
will have tokens be automatically listed on Sigma SWAP.

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